confetti - Kabuki Streamer

We have also added an essential product, designed to make any special event spectacular. It is called KabukiTM and it's a manual streamer and confetti launcher. It is literally an explosion of paper and it can be used with no danger inside as well as outside.

You will find in this catalogue, all our different products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Masses of flameproof. KABUKITM Streamer and/or KABUKITM
Slowfall confetti burst out of the KABUKI Cannons with a brilliant
eruption of colors. All KABUKITM paper products are flameproof and
made of the highest quality, producing the lightest weight, slowest
falling confetti and streamers in the world. All paper products are
available in your choice of colors. All KABUKITM Cannons utilize the
Patented Rockeffect disposable CO2 Cylinder projectile that is
famous for changing Effect Industry standards.

  1. CO2 Cylinders

  2. KAC02-16

  3. 16 Grams

  4. KAC02-8

  5. 8 Grams


  7. KASLO / Slowfall

  8. Red

  9. Yellow

  10. Purple

  11. White

  12. Pink

  13. Orange

  14. Light Green

  15. Light Blue

  16. Dark Blue


  • Silver & White

  • Gold & White

  • Dico Ball Necklaces

  • Disco Ball Earrings

  • Glow Body Paint

  • Fluorescent Laces

  • White Gloves

  • Foam Hand

  • Bandannas

  • Serpentine Spray

  • Mr. Boing

  • Puppet

  • Clown Nose

  • Pinatas

  • Hawaiian Leis

  • Flower Leis

  • Moon, Star & Sun Masks

  • Feather Masks